“What is the use of a cup in my periods? It’s not a tea party to use cups! How will I use it? It fits inside the vagina, OMG? Oh no! That sounds painful” These are some thoughts that came about when explaining about using a cup as women’s hygiene products. But alas! It is true, this revolutionary method of care during your periods not just ensures that you always have a leak proof experience no matter which activity you decide to take up (yup! You can jog, dance and swim during your periods) but is also extremely user and eco-friendly too. Sure, it can take some getting used to, but then what doesn’t?!

Dea Cup is used during a woman’s menstrual cycle and is inserted inside the vagina during periods. It adjusts as per the body shape and collects the menstrual blood rather than absorbing it. It is reusable up to 10 years. You have no more worries about disposing menstrual products after use. Still thinking about how to insert it and that it may be painful? Relax, it is not! You may to practice insertion techniques intially it but the vagina is designed to enlarge at times of having intercourse and giving birth so as to accommodate the occasion. Inserting the cup is similar. Your body molds as per the cup and vice versa. Each compliment the other perfectly.

The cup itself is shaped likes a bell and sits quite low in the vagina. It does not disturb any bodily functions. In fact it allows you to be able to far more that you could ever imagine doing while you wear a sanitary pad. It collects the blood and you can easily remove it to empty, clean and re-insert. A leak-proof experience, always! Want more? This cup is entirely manufactured in India and uses international standards to measure its features.

What else you ask? It is oh so economic! On an average an Indian woman spend about Rs. 300 per month in buying pads or tampons. Assuming that the menstrual age lasts for 30 years, this number crosses a lakh rupees. Now imagine having to spend less than 1/100th of the cost? This cup is a breakthrough in the home budgets for a family. It is also the most eco-friendly way of having your period. Nothing to throw away anymore. You will no longer be guilty of using sanitary napkins that take several hundred years to get decomposed (Read more about it here).

It may not be easy changing the routine of seeing heavily stained pads or tampons initially, it may even take time to find the best method to insert the cup, but be patient and try it out. The relief eventually is much larger that these initial hiccups. As a woman, your body will thank you for taking care of it the way it should be. You should not have to give up on anything because you are on your period. Don’t miss gym, exercising or swimming because you are worried about stains. Get your body in sync with your periods and enjoy your days just as any other day. Down there should no longer be a problem for you, let Dea Cup take care of it.


Women’s hygiene products that are freely available in the market today provide an unsaid discomfort that is tolerated throughout the period. Although these products may just about get you through the days; long travels, exercising, swimming and dancing all take a back seat.


DEA helps maintain a healthy pH level so you can stay naturally moist and comfortable. DEA’s flexible design moves with you and offers complete protection and comfort.


Folding the cup right will depend on your body’s requirement and might take a few tries to get just right. It is between the below mentioned folds that you will have to practice because each fold will guide and position the cup differently inside your vagina.