The Dea Cup team is formed by a number of women who are striving to provide women better quality of life all the while showing love and affection towards the planet. This inspiration brought us into thinking about women’s health and hygiene, which is hid quite comfortably within wraps but has a huge scope for improvement. At Dea Cup, women are our top priority. Periods should not be a hindrance where women are made to go through hardships and constant pains without saying anything out loud, like in the olden ages. On the contrary, modern women are given the opportunity to be themselves even if they are having their period by Dea Cup. It is a better choice of a product to ensure better quality of life for women.

We have made the below commitments: To women – have a happy period without worries of leaks, stains or rashes. Be active and cared for and empowered through your period. To the environment – There will be a significant reduction in waste that is generated by the use of disposable menstrual products. The manufacturing of Dea Cup itself has minimal to no wastage too. We follow the REUSE (the Dea Cup) and REDUCE (wastage created by disposable menstrual products) cycle thoroughly.

Dea Cup Story

Dea is an all women team which focusses on creating harmony between women and the nature. We as women have explored ways in which women’s health is on highest priority but without making any compromises with the environment. We were convinced that there is a way in which a genuinely good product could be used by women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

The solution – Dea Cup. From the very design of the product, the prototype, machinery and plant set up, designing of the brand, marketing, advocate, content creation and sales have are all being handled by women! While our start goal is to be able to give women a stress free period, the culmination would be at providing a safe, secure and independent life for them.

Over the period of developing the company we have got reassurances from every woman involved about how other women would appreciate being in control, protecting the environment and have a hassle-free period. Our conviction seen through their eyes makes us believe that we can empower all other women in the same direction. The Dea team is waiting for you to join us now.