Terms & Conditions

Dea Cup operates through its online portal and the use of words like “we”, “our” and “us” on the web page refers to the company. The website offers all the information about the products, services, and tools for the customers on the condition that the customers accept the terms and conditions, policies of the company and notices as and when applicable or stated.

The visit to the site for any purchase, the client is engaged in the service provided and is bound to follow the terms and conditions. The terms apply to all the user of the browser, including the vendors, merchants, customers, contributors of the content.

The clients are expected to read the terms and conditions carefully before they access the website. By accessing or using any part of the website, a person is bound by its terms and conditions. If there is any sort of disagreement with the terms and conditions on the site or use any of its services, it is advised that the user does not access the site. They can consider offering suggestions to the site, where the approval is explicitly limited to their terms of providing the service.

Along with the current tools and service, if there is any new addition of service or tools on the website, it is automatically subject to the terms of the company. The current terms and conditions of the site can be viewed anytime. The company reserves the right to, change and update or replace the entire or any of the segments of terms and conditions as and when it is required. The update of the same shall be posted on the website. It is the responsibility of the browser to keep a check on the terms and condition periodically in order to keep them updated. The constant use or access to the site after posting the changes will be treated as acceptance by the user of those changes.

The conditions of an online store

The company reserves the right to provide or refuse service to any individual at any point in time with or without any reason and prior notice. The information provided by the client (excluding credit card details) is transferable to the network and connecting devices without encryption. The credit card details are always transferred over the network encrypted.

The clients that access the website agree not to duplicate, reproduce, sell or resell, copy any of the services, its usage or access or use any contact on the site through which the service is provided without prior written consent from the company. The headings used by the company in its terms and condition section are not included and will not affect the terms. They are merely used for convenience purpose.

The Company is not responsible in case if any of the information on the website is missing, not accurate, incomplete or not updated in time. The content provided is only for general use and should not be used or relied on to make any decisions. The decisions should be strictly based on one’s prior experience and consultation of information that is more accurate, complete and timely updated. The decision based on material from the website is completely at the risk of the client.

The website might contain historical information, and also it is not necessary that this information is current, it is only provided for reference purpose. The company further, reserves the right to modify the contents of the site at any time, without prior information. It is not subjected to any obligation to change or update the information on the site. It is the responsibility of the browser to keep an eye on the changes.

Alteration of the services and listing of the prices

The product and service prices can change without any prior knowledge or notice. The company reserves the right to modify the prices or discontinue of the entire or any particular part of the service without prior notice for any period. It is not liable for any explanation to anyone, including its customers, vendors, a third party involved, and partners for such action of modification, termination or suspension of the service.

Product quality and offers

Dea Cup provides certain exclusive products and services that are available to be purchased by a user through its online portal. These products and services may be reserved in terms of quantity and are subject to return or exchange policy only according to return policy of the company. The company withholds the right to provide these products or service based on the availability of the product to any client, geographically or juristically restriction. The company is not answerable to any of its action to anyone. It may exercise its right independently based on each case.

Although, the company has made the best efforts to display the exact colour and image of the product that actually appears in the stores. However, it does not guarantee how accurate the image will be displayed on the client's end. The right to quantity produced and service provided is limited to the company. The product description and prices are subject to change anytime without any prior notice. The product or service can be discontinued at any point in time. An offer on any product or service is void if it is taken back or prohibited by law.

The company is not responsible for the quality of the products or services or information provided will match the expectation of the clients and the errors will be corrected accordingly. The company has its own quality measurement unit that regards quality as its highest priority. The quality of the product set is of the highest form.

Billing accuracy and information on client account

The company reserves the right to take up or refuse any order. It has the sole discretion, to either limit or cancels the quantity purchased by a particular client from a particular residential address on a particular order. This restriction also includes orders that are placed by the same client over a period, use of same credit or debit card or have the same billing address. Any reason for the cancellation of the order or change in the delivery will be notified to the clients through mail and message on the phone number provided by the client at the time of order. The company reserves the right to limit or prohibit the orders that are placed by resellers, dealers, and distributor. It is solely responsible for the decision of delivering the service to any individual.

The clients while making a purchase of the product or service; consent to provide correct, accurate and complete information so that an individual distinct account can be created by the company. Further, the client also agrees to periodically update the information like credit card number on expiry, change of shipping address or change in the phone number. This allows having a smooth transaction and the company finds easy to communicate offers and marketing strategies to its clients.

For further assistance, the client will need to go through the Return Policy of the company.

External links

The clients may choose to click on any external links displayed on the site and have a right to grant access to the third party websites. Dea Cup cannot manage the information provided by the user to a third party and how it is being used.

The access to the third party tools is provided “just the way it is” and “as they are available” on the website without any guarantee or it signifies any conditions and is without any approvals. The company is not liable to answer any query arising from or relating to third party access tools.

The use of optional tools and external links on the site is purely at the risk of the client and the user is solely responsible for any action. The user needs to ensure that they are completely familiar with the third party provider and approve of their terms and conditions. The company could have more than one third-party provider on its website.

The company reserves the right to include new providers. The registered users may be informed about new tools and other features on the website through email. The new tools and services are also subjected to the Terms and Condition of the company.

Links to the third parties

Some information, product or service provided on the site might include material from the partners or third party ventures. The link to the third party is not associated with the company. The company does not evaluate or examine the accuracy of the content and does not provide any warranty. It is neither liable nor responsible for any material, product, service, and information on the third party website.

Dea Cup is not responsible for any damage or harm related to the purchase made on the third party website. The company is not answerable to such queries. The use of the third party website for purchase of the product or service, its resources, content and transaction processes is a discrete act of the client. It is the responsibility of the client to evaluate and the terms and condition of the third party before making any transaction. Any query, complaint, concern or claim, including law and order matters regarding the third party purchase should be directed to the third party only.

Comment and feedback from users

If the client submits a response to a query generated by the company or contest for an event or sends new ideas, suggestions, material options, proposals either through mail, contacting customer care or postal mail or reach the company through its “comment section”, the client agrees that the company can edit, publish, distribute, copy or translate and use the comment without any restriction at any period in time. The company is not under any obligation

The company has all the rights to keep a check, remove or edit the comments that are unlawful, threatening, pornographic, offensive, libellous, obscene, defamatory, and object-able or violates the company’s rules, regulations and policies. The terms and conditions are the intellectual property of the company.

By providing a comment, the user agrees that they will not violate any right of its partners and third party. This includes trademark, copyright, proprietary right, personality and privacy, a right of all the parties involved. The client also agrees that the comments shall not be unlawful, obscene, abusive or libellous and are not malware that could affect the operation and service of the company website.

The user shall never use a false identity like wrong email address or postal address to mislead the company, its partners, and the third party. The client is completely responsible for the accuracy of the comment. The company is neither responsible nor liable for any comments posted by the clients or third party

General information

The information provided by the clients during the Sign Up procedure is governed by the Privacy Policy of the company. Evaluate Privacy Policy section for better understanding.

Type errors, omissions and inaccuracies

It is possible that sometimes typographical errors may occur on the website or in the service. The error in a description of a product, the omission of pricing, offers and promotion, shipping charges, availability, and calculation of transit time are some of the human errors that may be present on the website. The company reserves the right to correct the errors, omissions, and inaccuracies on the website anytime without notifying. The information can be updated after an individual client has placed an order. Dea Cup is not liable to any obligation in order to amend, update or clarify the information, including the pricing, limitations except when it is required by law. The data on the website on a specified time should not be considered as complete. Future updates and modification are possible.

What is prohibited for the users?

Apart from the other prohibitions that may have been stated in Terms and Conditions the clients are not allowed to use the website and its content

The company reserves the right to terminate the service provided to clients for any act that is listed or considered as a prohibited act for a user by the management. No prior notice shall be provided for it.

Limitation of answering queries and disclaimer on the warranties

The company neither guarantees nor takes responsibility nor provides a warranty that the given service on the website shall not be interrupted at any time or it is secure and free from errors. It is not responsible and liable for the result of using the service that is completely reliable or accurate. The clients also need to agree that any service can be removed for an indefinite time, or there may be service cancellation at any time without prior notice.

The clients are solely responsible for the use or inability to use the services. The services and the products that are delivered through the services are “as it is” and “as available” for the users as represented, under any particular warranty or conditions that are either explicitly expressed or implied upon by the vendors and the quality of the vendors, durability, in violation or particular fitness.

The clients cannot hold the company and its associates responsible for any case. Associates include officers, agents, employees, directors, service providers, suppliers, interns, licensors, and contractor. They are not liable for any loss, injury, claim direct or indirect, any sort of incidental and disciplinary damages. The damages include limitations due to lost profit, loss of revenue, lost due to savings, data loss, cost of replacement and other similar damages as based in the contract. It also includes loss due to negligence, a strict liability that arises from the use of other products and services when the entire transaction is completed. Other claims regarding the service and the products available on the website are also included, however these claims are limited and do not include errors and omission of any content or loss or damage that has resulted from the use of service or information posted, made available on the website or transmitted on website even if prior notice has been attached to it. As some states do not allow restriction and limitation to exclude a product or a service and its damages, in such situation the liability of the company still remains limited and shall exceed to the maximum extent that the law permits.

Insurance procedure

By using the service of the website, the client explicitly agrees to the insurance procedures of Dea cup. The company defends and hold harmless, all the parties involved in providing the services. Parties involved include the parent company, partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, directors, service providers, contractors and subcontractors, officers, interns and current staff, suppliers, and licensors. They are harmless from any claim, complaint or demand and are excluded from fees of the attorney made by the third party or clients due to a breach of any Terms and Condition that are incorporated in the document or referred as a violation of law and order or right of the third party.

Provision for the services provided on the website

At any period of time when the terms and conditions of the service that is provided on the website is proved to be unlawful, or cannot be put into practice or void, in such cases the complete service shall be terminated as per the law and the section that cannot be put into practice shall be considered and reviewed from Terms and Conditions. However, such determination shall not affect the legality and enforceability of the remaining supplies.

Termination of the service

The accountability and the responsibility of the all the parties that have taken place prior to the date of termination shall survive the agreement of termination for all the purposes. The terms and conditions are effective to all the clients unless either the company or the client themselves terminate the transaction. In order to terminate the terms and conditions at any period, the client needs to prior notify the company that they will not be using the services or have stopped using the site in any manner.

However, the company thinks or suspects that client has failed to inform about the termination of the service and are not imbibed by the company’s terms and condition, the company has the right to terminate the agreement without prior notification. The client is accountable for the amount that is due till the date of termination. The company may withhold access to the service after the termination date.

The agreement

In case if the company fails to practice or enforce any provision or right as directed in the terms and conditions, the company is accountable for the right to claim of these rights and provisions.

The terms and conditions, policies and rules and regulation to conduct any operations that are posted on the site with respect to the use of the services is the result of an understanding between individual client and the company. Terms and conditions that govern the overruling the prior notices or the simultaneous agreements, proposals, and communications in a form, written or oral are between the client and the company.

Any confusion, uncertainty or misinterpretation of the terms and conditions will not be taken as evidence against the company and its partners that are equally involved in the drafting of the terms and conditions.


The terms and conditions and any additional agreement through which the company provides its service are governed by the laws of the India government and constitution

Changes in terms and conditions

Users can view and evaluate the latest version of terms and conditions on the page anytime. The company reserves right to have sole discretion, change or update or replace any part or the entire terms and condition by prior notifying about the update or the change on the company website. It is the responsibility of the client to regularly review the site for changes. On using the site after posting of the changes indicates that the client is in consent with the new terms and condition.


For any questions on terms and conditions reach out the company through the mail or phone number of the customer care provided on the website.