The Dea menstrual cup is available in two sizes, namely, the small and the large sizes. Women under the age of 30 and not having any birthing experiences usually opt for a small size while women over 30 or having given birth (normal or cesarean section) should opt for the large cup. This is because the vaginal musc les with age and multiple births become loose. Hence a larger cup is a better option.
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The size of the cup best suited for you is determined by your age and the number of time you have given birth. To choose the correct cup size you will have to consider one or all of these: your health, physique, age and number of pregnancies and deliveries done.
Health and physique: The cup fitting inside the body will be unique to each person. Someone who is active and has stronger pelvic floor muscles can opt for a small cup whereas women who are weaker in this regard should opt for a larger cup. This is because your pelvic floor muscles will help hold the cup in place and weaker muscles will require a better hold which is provided by the large cup.
Age and number of deliveries: With age and birthing experiences, the vaginal walls tend to become loose and hip size increases. So it is recommended that women over 30 and having delivered even one child should opt for a large cup while under 30 or not having any experience of giving birth can go for a small cup.


Small cup – 41 mm diameter, 70 mm length and can store up to 30 ml in volume.
Large cup – 45 mm diameter, 70 mm length and can store up to 30 ml in volume.