Returns, Refund and Cancellation Policy

The company takes all efforts to get the right products delivered to the clients, every time they make a purchase. The endeavour is to provide a hassle-free shopping experience. All the products on the list are new and genuine. However, if any client has received a “damaged”, “not described” or “defective” piece, the company has an easy free exchange policy to cover it. Exchange is only possible for unused products.

In case an exchange request has been agreed upon, the customer is required to send the product in its original unused condition together with all packaging material. Upon receiving and inspecting the product to be unused and inclusive of all of its original packaging material the company will issue a replacement.

Replacement Policy

If the client receives an item that either damaged or not described or defective, a replacement will not require any extra costs. It is important for the clients to check the return policy before buying or before initiating a replacement request.

A replacement will only be done if the product ordered is available with the company. In case the product is out of stock, the client will be notified about the additional wait time to receive the item.

If the client finds that the delivered product is in bad condition or the packaging tampered or damaged on delivery, or incorrect size which is not in line with what is mentioned on the product package; it is their right not to accept the package and return the delivery man. The company should be informed about the same by email or customer care, it is important to mention the order ID for tracking. The company is responsible to deliver a new piece without any additional cost. The client needs to send the original piece intact with a price tag and the packaging.

The company takes 15 working days to process an exchange after receiving the product. It is the responsibility of the customer to return the unused product without wear and tear on the product and its packaging.

Refund Policy

The money will not be refunded if the product is purchased and delivered. However, the refund shall generate if double payment is made for a single product due to an error in the payment gateways. The money refunded will exclude the transaction and processing fees.

Refund is generated on the purchased product and the availed service under 7 days’ cancellation and refund policy. Cancellation against a refund is only applicable if the company considers the error reported as genuine. The company has 2 working days to authenticate the error as genuine or not.


Cancellation should be done before the product is shipped; in such cases, the entire amount is refunded. If the product is shipped but not delivered, it is possible to cancel the order; a refund will be processed by the company on receiving the original product back. However, if the item is delivered, it cannot be cancelled.

The company shall ensure that the cancellation process is smooth, quick and hassle-free without any additional charges

Warranty Policy

All the products available on the website are under the warranty. If the client finds any defect in the manufacturing of the product, they can contact the company within the warranty time frame and get it resolved. The warranty time for each product is given in the description section.

The replacement guarantee

If the delivered product is damaged, defective or not as per the description on the packaging, the client can return the product within 7 days of delivery. The client needs to initiate the request within 7 days of delivery. The product shall be recalled and then replaced without any extra cost. This guarantee is not valid if the customer orders and receives the correct product ordered, but then finds it to be inappropriate. It is not possible to cancel, refund or exchange such an order.

Returning of the purchased product for exchange

If the customer care has agreed upon the exchange then the customer is required to return the product. Returning should be done through the following steps • Contact the company and inform the order ID, other necessary details and issue with the product. • The customer care team will confirm the request to return. • The client needs to ensure that the product is original and not used. The price tag, original packaging, bill, and labels should not be removed. The company does not charge anything for the return and exchange, it is done for free. However, the number of days to return the product varies. The client only needs to contact before the specified date given in the description to return the product or services. The company supports replacement if the product received is damaged. Free samples are not included in the return policy.

What needs to be done if the client has shipped the product?

After requesting to replace a product, the client needs to ensure that the original product is packed along with the price tag, original packaging, bill, and label. The packaging should be such that it avoids any additional damage during the transit. The returned ID should be mentioned on the packaging so that the company can acknowledge the product when it receives it. The item should be shipped to the company address as mentioned on the website. A replacement will be initiated as soon as the product is received.

When will the client get the replaced product?

Once the request to replace the order is created, the company emails the detail of the process and provides a tentative date to receive the replaced product. Most of the time, the new replaced product is delivered at the time of pickup of the previous product. However, if the company requests to ship the product, in such cases the replacement process is initiated on receiving the product by the company.

If the product is not received until the tentative date, the client can contact the customer care immediately.

Does the client have to return the freebies with the product?

Yes, the client will have to return all the freebies intact in the original order along with the product.

When can the product be exchanged?

The exchange is possible only when an incorrect size has been received against an order or if there is a manufacturing defect. The product should not be used for trail. It cannot have been used, washed or tampered with in any manner. The client needs to intact the original product with the price tag, bill, original packaging, and labels.

Is it possible to exchange a section of the order?

Yes, if the client has ordered multiple products and wants to initiate an exchange for only a few or one of the product, it possible to exchange the item.

What can be done if the company rejects the request?

If the company executive is not convinced with the reason to exchange the product, the client can reach out to the company either through mail. The client can also file a dispute within 45 days after the product is delivered. The company evaluates each disputed case independently and also covers the client under the Buyer Protection if their dispute is not resolved successfully or not satisfied with the solution.

What is Buyer Protection?

Under Buyer Protection the company helps those clients who have an issue with the delivered product and are not satisfied with the previous resolution and are still not convinced. The client can reach out the company through the mail. The company looks into each dispute independently and is fair to both the parties involved. The company is liable to settle the dispute.

This protection is not valid for products delivered as per order or if the product has been used by the client even ones. It is only valid on receiving an incorrect size within the pack or a damaged product received.

Under which circumstances can the exchange request not be initiated?

In some cases, it becomes difficult to support an exchange request • The requests are generated after the time frame • The product is damaged or used and not in the same condition as it was delivered • The product is not covered under exchange policy • A product not covered under warranty • Used product or those that have been tried for the trail • Products that are sent without original packing or free accessories • Custom made products • Products that are as per the order but not as per the clients requirement

In which condition does the company process a refund?

The company takes pride in providing a hassle-free experience to shop online. All the client information is private and the transactions are safe. A request to refund is issued only if a double payment has been made in error.

How long does it take to receive the refund?

If the company initiates a refund, it usually takes 15 working days for the amount to be reflected in the customer’s mode of payment selected. A delay is possible, but it the amount is not received before or on the promised date, the clients can contact the company for assistance and guidance.

How to claim warranty on the product?

If the delivered item is defective, the clients can contact the customer care and provide other details to claim the warranty. The warranty is only valid till the warranty period that is mentioned in the description of the product.

Why may a client not be able to cancel an order?

• When the item is dispatched along with other ordered items by the individual client • The item cannot be refunded like having gift vouchers Clients can contact customer care for more details.

How long does it take to process cancellation?

After the client initiates the cancellation request of the order, it will take 1 - 2 working days for the company to initiate the refund. The client will be notified by email. However, if the product is shipped, it cannot be cancelled. The client will receive the refund through the same mode that was used to make the payment. The client will have to contact their respective bank authorities to get the status of the refund after the company has processed it.