Women’s hygiene products that are freely available in the market today provide an unsaid discomfort that is tolerated throughout the period. Although these products may just about get you through the days; long travels, exercising, swimming and dancing all take a back seat. Heck, women even sleep in a specific straight stance worried that the sheets may get stained! Now imagine if there is a product out there that allows you to have a regular routine without any discomfort? It neither produces any waste that needs disposing nor requires to be purchased regularly. Dea Cup is the revolution that the women kind have slowly started embracing. Your menses will not be a hindrance anymore since with the Dea Cup you can have your life together with having your period!

Step 1 – Folding

The folding technique you choose will ensure a proper fit. Make sure that your hands are clean when you touch the Dea Cup. The three types of folding techniques are explained HERE

Step 2 – Insertion

After folding it, insert it in the vagina and let it sit as low as it comfortably can. When you let go of the fold, it should cling to the walls of your vagina and create a light suction. At this point you can use your fingers to ensure that the diameter is stuck well and that there are no gaps. You may try to twist it lightly to confirm that you are comfortable with the positioning.

Step 3 – Usage

The Dea Cup can be used for up to 12 hours and is hence perfect for long travels. Additionally it can be emptied in public washrooms too so you need not be too fussed if you aren’t going to get home any time soon. The cup can hold up to 30 ml of menstrual flow. The emptying duration may vary between not just two individuals but also depends upon the day in the cycle for the same woman. Follow the first few cycles using the Dea Cup carefully and you will have your own emptying pattern set.

Step 4 – Removal

When the cup is full or needs to be emptied anyway, you will have to remove the suction created in step 2. The grip rings on the stem can be used to gently pull on the cup and reach its base. You may need to use your pelvic muscles, the ones that help you to start and stop peeing to push the cup down so that you can grip the stem. Once there, pinch the base to ensure that the suction is released slowly. Gently remove the cup now. Read about cleaning and sterilizing the cup HERE.

Step 5 – Re-use

You can re-use your Dea Cup as soon as it has been cleaned, either immediately or for your next cycle. It can be stored in your cupboard independently, packed in a cotton bag that comes with the product.