Folding the cup right will depend on your body’s requirement and might take a few tries to get just right. It is between the below mentioned folds that you will have to practice because each fold will guide and position the cup differently inside your vagina. The good news – when you have found which one of these works for you then using the menstrual cup is as easy as using any other menstrual product but without any of their associated issues.
Here are the three techniques which can be used to fold the cup before it is inserted:


Experienced users prefer this method of folding and the result is an easier insertion
Hold the cup in your left hand without adding pressure

Punch it in with your right index finger downwards so that one portion gets folded inside the cup

Insert the cup in this position


Among the most common methods of folding the cup, this one can be used by new users well.

Use two fingers to press just below the rim of the cup

Push one section of the cup inside by creating a C or U-shape depending which angle you are seeing it from
Insert the cup in this position


This is a quick way to insert and use the cup and helps when there is some difficulty or resistance at the time of insertion

Press the cup with two fingers under the rim with your left hand

Use the right hand to fold the right corner of the cup down, thereby making a number 7 shape
Insert the cup in this position