How does my DEA Cup work?

Dea Cup is a feminine hygiene product which is placed inside the vagina at the time of menstrual cycle. When planted accurately the Dea Cup gently clinches to the walls of the vaginal cavity and easily moves about with you right through the day and night. Moreover, there is no consciousness from the cup or its stem. Nothing sticks out and nothing can leak! Your body will adjust to its existence immediately because it is neither too far inside nor protrudes out to poke or cause discomfort. You can remove it every time you need to empty and clean it then gently place it back.

How can I insert the Dea Cup?

To insert the cup, one first needs to fold it. There are 3 main types of folds: the C or the U -Fold, the 7 Fold, and the Punch – Down. Exercise all the folds and check which works the best for you. While inserting the cup into the vagina, the cup is folded, inserted and then gently released. This may, however, require a little practice.

Would it be a painful experience?

Absolutely not. You will be inserting and attaching the cup as an extension to your body. You are not piercing or tearing any part of your body.

How can I be sure that my Dea Cup is place correctly?

If the cup is inserted correctly, there would be a sensation caused at the time of it attaching to the vaginal walls and very soon a leak free experience.
Everyone is unique and the cup will have a different position for each individual. For most women, the cup is positioned at the base of the vagina, just above the pelvic bone. If the cup is not creating a seal, try a different folding method and re-adjust.

I am a first time user and not able to insert my Dea Cup.

Inserting and removing the cup effortlessly will take some practice and time. It is possible that you will not succeed in your first attempt, so calm down! It is important to relax your pelvic muscles for both inserting and removing the cup. First time users often find success in trying the cup in the shower, using water as a lubricant. Try different folds and check which one suits you the best. Women try to insert and remove the cup while sitting on the toilet, some try with their knees slightly bent or with one foot on the bathtub or toilet. Squat positions can be helpful too. Persistence is the key.

How often should my Dea Cup be emptied?

A cup can be worn comfortably for up to 12 repeated hours, which means that it should be emptied at least twice a day. However, everyone’s cycle is different so with practice you will know how frequently to empty the cup.

What if there is a leak?

f there is leaking after inserting the Dea Cup then it means that it is not placed correctly. In this case remove it, fold again and place again. Adjusting the insertion method and the placement can help ensure that the cup is inserted right.

I’m worried that the cup will move up in my body.

The cup clinches to the walls inside your vagina and is secure in its place. Its position high or low depends upon the height of your cervix. But regardless of its position inside your body, you will know immediately if the suction has not formed because there will be a leakage. You can easily remove and insert it so there is never a concern about the cup moving while you are wearing it.

How to remove the Dea Cup?

The very first step to remove the cup is to release the seal created by suction and then slowly remove the cup. Avoid pulling the cup with the stem – rather gently pull the stem till you reach the base of the cup and then squeeze it to release the suction. Then you can pull it out of the body. There are grip rings present at the base of the cup to ensure a proper grip to release the suction even if your hands are wet.
Yet if you find it difficult to remove the cup, do not panic, the cup cannot get lost in your body. Squatting on the toilet to relax your pelvic muscles will help the cup move downwards. You can try to bear down your weight like when having a bowel movement to move the cup lower in the vaginal cavity.

What is the correct size for me?

A cup should be selected based on the pregnancy history of the woman. Usually after delivery, whether vaginal or caesarean, the muscles become weak and hence require more support that the bigger cup can provide. The hip size increases with age also so someone who is over the age of 30 should consider a larger cup.
In fact, the most important factors to determine the cup size is your age and health. If you are over 30 but have an excellent condition and workout the kegel exercises regularly, the chances are that your muscles are tight and you can use the small cup. If you are under 30 and have not had children yet then to a small cup maybe more preferable. On the other hand, women with multiple pregnancies and not very active lifestyles should go for the large cup.

How to measure the height of the cervix?

The length of the cervix is almost the same during the entire cycle; however, it is at the lowest point at days with heavy flow. You can measure the length of the cervix by inserting a clean long finger in the vagina.

What does the cervix feel like?

The cervix feels like a tiny crux with a little depression in the middle, it will be firm or hard depending on the day of the cycle
1. The height of the cervix is low if you feel it less than half way or just beneath the knuckle of the inserted finger
2. Height of the cervix is medium if you feel it till the middle knuckle of the inserted finger
3. The height of the cervix is high if it feels higher than the middle knuckle of the inserted finger.

What is the importance of the cervix height?

It helps determine which size of cup you would need. If the cervix is high then a bigger cup is more suitable to use. While when it has descended lower into the vagina then a small cup would suffice to cap it.

What are the methods of folding the cup?

When using a cup, you need to first fold it before inserting it into the vagina. There are 3 different ways of folding the cup and it is placed at a different position in everybody. The cup needs to be folded until it is placed in the vagina.

Can I continue my regular activities with the cup inserted?

Yes, certainly, the cup is designed keeping an on-the-go woman in mind. You can do all the regular activities plus dance, run, jog, swim, exercise, practice yoga and engage yourself in many other activities just like you would when you are not having your period.

What is trimming off the stem?

Trimming the stem of the cup is done by personal preference, it is not necessary. If the cup is placed correctly in the vagina and the stem does not cause any sensation then you do not need to trim the stem. But if the stem causes a sensation or sticks out of the vagina, consider trimming it. In order to trim the stem, insert the cup, check the additional stem length, remove the cup from the vagina and then trim it accordingly. Never try to trim the stem while the cup is inside the body.

How do I deal with odour?

When the menstrual blood comes in contact with air, it gives out a pungent odour. But by using Dea Cup which is inserted inside the vagina, this issue does not come up at all.
Clean the cup with fragrance-free, non-antibacterial, natural, water-based soap and warm water. Chemicals, fragrances, and oils can cling to the silicone of the cup and lead to early wearing and development of odour. The menstruation cup develops an odour if it is not cleaned properly. An unclean cup can cause irritation when in use. Antibacterial hand soaps, heavy facial cleansers should not be used for cleaning as they compromise the composition of the cup.

How to clean the cup?

Many prefer sterilizing their cup after or before the cycle. The cup should be immersed in hot water which is not on the stove for 5 to 7 minutes with a pair of tongs so that it does to touch the side or bottom of the pot. Let the cup cool down completely before using. Alternatively you can also use the sterilization kits available to sterilize kid’s toys and milk bottles.

What if I am not at home and need to empty the cup?

The cup can be removed in public toilet as well. Enter the stall with clean hands and empty the cup. The cup can be used overnight too. Rinse the cup with water and clean it with a tissue or toilet paper before reinserting. Once at home wash the cup with clean water.

Using Dea Cup with other lubricants.

Using Dea Cup with other lubricants.

I have an IUD (Copper T) fitted as contraceptive device. Can I use the cup during my menses?

Although many women with IUD use the cup, however, it is better to talk to your doctor and ensure there is enough space between two devices. If the cervix is low then there might not be enough space. The physician can trim the string of IUD so that the two devices do not come in contact with each other. The cup can be inserted lower in the vagina to avoid dislodging of IUD. Getting your cup to become wet helps with easy insertion.

Can women with other conditions use the menstrual cup?

Retroverted Uteri - Women having retroverted uteri can safely use cup. Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) – Menstrual cups and TSS are not directly related. One needs to understand that cup does not absorb menstrual fluid, it just collects it. Hence the risk of developing TSS is very little. Thousands of women use a menstrual cup without any discomfort.
Yeast Infection – The cups and yeast infections are also not associated with each other. On the contrary, many women report that they experience lesser yeast infections after the use of Dea Cup. Yeast infection develops due to various reasons like diet, stress, lifestyle, medication etc.
PCOD – Women with the Polycystic Ovarian Disorder tend to experience a heavy blood flow during their menses and often find pads and tampons insufficient or have to change them multiple times. Dea Cup is the best alternative for such women since it has a good volume holding capacity.

Is it safe to use the Dea cup?

The cup is bio- compatible for human use. The silicone used in the cup does not release any chemical or toxins into the body and is latex and BPA free. The cup is made of premium medical grade silicone that is used for human implantation and not the one used in breast implants. Silicone and dyes are tested before getting used in the cup.
It is recognized by Food and Drug Administration and manufactured using most sustainable practices that are recognized in the market. Speak with our team through the CONTACT US section to clarify any doubts that you may have.